Sephora 2015 Birthday Gift of Nars Lip Crayons

With this being my birth month, the biggest thing I get excited for is Birthday freebies especially makeup. Sephora is one that never lets down, this is my 3rd year of being a beauty insider and some of the previous gifts I have gotten is their benefit yes they’re real mascara and watt’s up highlighter in deluxe minis also the following years gift was a makeup forever mascara and lipstick mini. So they have a reputation for giving prestigious brands of cosmetics that hold a retail value of over $15. This years has closer to a retail value of $30. Which makes it completely worth the effort of stopping in to a Sephora store or better yet ordering online. The reason I order online besides the fact that the nearest Sephora is an hour away is for the samples, ability to access clearance you may not otherwise see at the store ( my Sephora is inside a JcPenny so since they have limited space I rarely see clearance items), and the final reason coupon codes for deluxe items if you spend a certain amount (usually $25).

So now on to the Nars lip crayons, I honestly love them both. The Red shade is called Cruella and is a velvet matte lip pencil, it has staying power with little rubbing off, I can totally rock this red for an added dramatic look. Red has a tendency to make your mouth stand out so if you lips are elongated I would recommend a more subtle shade which thankfully this birthday freebie provides as the second lip crayon is called Rikugein and it is a satin lip pencil. Which I feel is absolutely beautiful as it is a pearlesque flesh tone color and will love it for days I am going for a softer look.  My complection is fair and I have blue eyes to give you an idea of the canvas I’m working with.

I can’t wait to hear what others thought of their free gift, remember in order to get it you have to sign up for their free beauty insiders. They will send it to you even if you only order a $1 item online keep in mind shipping is $5.95 for all orders under $50, shipping is free when you spend more than $50. Also be sure to google coupons for before checking out sometimes their website doesn’t even list all the coupons available, the coupon I used wasn’t even on their site, but with my $25 purchase I got a free mini bottle 0.05ml bottle of dolce& Gabbana light blue. When I shop I like to look at their clearance or search their favorites value packs (some of their favorites include certificates to obtain a full size one of whichever product from their favorites you liked best after sampling. Don’t miss out on getting your birthday freebies, I recommend googling birthday freebies to find what is available around you.


  1. Christina Braccia · May 19, 2015

    It’s my birthday month too! I can’t wait to pick up my gift! Happy early birthday.


    • PeachyKeene · May 19, 2015

      Happy Birthday, make sure to stop by a store or go online to sign up for the beauty insiders so you can claim your free gift, not to mention you earn points to use in their rewards store program. if you have an ulta near you sign up with them as well, their free birthday gift is a urban decay eyeliner.

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      • Christina Braccia · May 19, 2015

        Oh I am a vib rouge. I have an addiction with sephora. I didn’t know ulta had a birthday gift


  2. PeachyKeene · May 19, 2015

    last year they gave out a full size ck mascara. This year there hasn’t been a lot of buzz about their birthday gift as those born in Jan.-March got a store brand eye palette so the gift from April- June is far better.


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